Senin, 29 April 2013

OPERET 4 in HUT SMAN 4 Jakarta

i'm going to tell you about OPERET 4 last saturday on April, 27/2013 in My SeniorHigh's Birthday Party. Btw now SMAN 4 Jakarta is 62 years. so old right? hahaha. ok you know that my extracurricular is Operet, operet is like Theater, but you have to know that Operet is a part of a Theater, so actually it's similar but Operet is more to a Joke than Theater. Last Saturday was my second time to perform with Operet 4. My senior helped us to create the story, her name is Ka Devara, big thanks for her{{}}. The story is about Seniority at SMAN 4 Jkt, esp at the one of our canteen, the name of that canteen is "Kantin Batu". In the past, there was a tradition in there, but i can't tell you all of the story, because the tradition disappear slowly, so we just remember the memories of Kantin Batu and at once we told the junior that haven't know the real SMAN 4 Jakarta. And now i wanna show some of pictures when we performed.

i felt so nervous...:$

see? in the story, i was be a senior that always mad and bitchy haha. IT WAS NOT THE REAL ME zzzz

it's when Junior Vs Senior 

And then the Senior lost, then they're fight.

oke here guys! it's when the senior at Kantin Batu.

and the junior are come and sit at Kantin Batu, then the senior see them!

then the senior feel annoyed and grumpy to junior

Then they all fighting! see? me and the one of my friend fight!

look at the girl in the middle, she act as a teacher, she makes us peace in the end.

and this is the closing.

to be honest, it was so fun, i feel so waw after performed even tough all my friends said that wasn't the real me, because i'm a girl that can not angry hahaha damn! 
Ok, enough for today, hope you so interest for this, and if you wanna know how OPERET 4 performing, you could tell me or @OPERET4 on twitter if you have an invitation or event to a THEATER. With our pleasure we will attend, thanks.