Sabtu, 09 Maret 2013


i just want to share about last January. LIAR III. i sang we found love by rihanna with my friends huaaaa it was so awkward. because what? we weren't ready yet, we didn't had the koreo how moved, we couldn't just stuck and sang, teacher would angry with that. so, i thought the random koreo to my friends in that time hahaha, we didn't know what should we did. This some pictures of us when we were perform
first picture. sorry for the bad picture.

This. The second picture

i just have two picture huft. em...after we perform there was one of my friend told that she couldn't heard our voice huaaaaa i  felt so down down down like justin bieber's song-_- i thought it was the very bad perfom i ever had! i hope i can do better for  the next LIAR IV. See ya!