Selasa, 26 Agustus 2014

A Message For Them

Maybe now they’re gone one by one to the different town, and i feel so lonely without them. Normally, they came to my room, it’s small enough, with them it will sounds noisy, hot, and of course unmanaged then, but to be honest it was be my memory, and now I miss that moment so much, they’re leave now, today, even tomorrow, then just a few people left, so  they own have activity. They’ll seldom to there with me, but I’m understand if time will changed, won’t stuck, and everything will be changed. So, our story can be just memory for me, and especially this small room will have so much memories from you guys, I’m very wish that you all will succeed in your college and then your life, I just want to say don’t ever forget me if you come back to here, and for you that still here makes your time to come here sometimes,  I’ll always waiting you all to gather in my room soon.

 I Love You My very girlfriends,

- luv from me your best friend.